Kelly Turner, the broker for BSR Properties and Faircroft Communities since 2016, has been in the residential real estate industry for over 25 years. Her experience has cultivated an understanding of the significance of these major transactions, driving her to deliver exceptional service with a personal touch. Kelly’s role as the broker for BSR and Faircroft allows her the opportunity to provide that same exceptional service to customers while exclusively representing the clients of BSR and Faircroft. Growing up in Huntsville, TX, Kelly has an appreciation for small-town living. This perspective helps her to accurately share the benefits of the lifestyle that BSR Properties and Faircroft Communities have to offer.

Kelly enjoys the unique demands of her job as an in-house broker. From making home design selections to completing the closing process, she is involved with the company’s properties from start to finish. Kelly also plays a pivotal role in helping the company navigate the complexities of the real estate market. She makes it a priority to stay a step ahead and remain educated on current industry trends despite the constantly evolving real estate market.  Kelly’s ample knowledge of homes and developments reaches beyond just their locations. She can be a resource for you and offer a network of professionals. They can provide specific information about the area, market trends, as well as financing options and an understanding of legal and regulatory requirements.

In today’s market, you need a quality professional who cares about your buying experience and overall satisfaction with your new property. Kelly is that individual. Get started on your home journey with BSR Properties and Faircroft Communities by contacting her today!